Can BHBH Program funds be used as match?

Subtopic: Application Process

BHBH funds cannot be used as a match for Medi-Cal services, but could serve as match for other programs or funding sources as described below:

  • There is nothing that precludes a grantee from combining BHBH Program funds with other funding sources, such as for Start-Up infrastructure, as long as program expenditures meet the identified “Allowable BHBH Program Activities” in RFA Attachment C.
  • BHBH Program funds do not have a match requirement, and the Round 3 RFA does not identify any restrictions in using BHBH funds as a match for other funding opportunities.
  • In instances in which other funding sources identify match opportunities, the determination of whether or not BHBH Program funds (when used as specified in the RFA) are an appropriate match source would be determined by the Agency/Department with oversight for that specific funding source.

In the event counties are proposing to use BHBH Program funds as a match source for other funding opportunities, DHCS will expect to see counties specify this information in their BHBH Program application to ensure an understanding of how all BHBH Program funding will be applied to meet the identified goals.

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