Can BHBH Program funds be used for services covered by Medi-Cal Community Supports?

Subtopic: Budget/Allowable Use

BHBH Program funds are not intended to supplant existing county, state, or federal funds to provide housing or services. Instead, BHBH funds may be used: (1) to support complementary activities or enhanced investments of existing work if, for example, existing funds do not fully reimburse activities, or (2) to support additional or different services beyond those that would be funded. For example, if a Medi-Cal member is not eligible for housing-related Community Supports offered in their county but clearly needs services, their provider could use BHBH funding for these services. BHBH funds could also be used if a Medi-Cal member is eligible for housing-related Community Supports but requires services beyond those covered by Medi-Cal. Additionally, BHBH funds can be used if an individual has already used Medi-Cal Community Supports with a “once in a lifetime” restriction. Finally, if a Medi-Cal member’s health plan does not offer Community Supports, BHBH funds can be leveraged.

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