How will grant announcements be made?

Subtopic: Timeline         

Application review will begin after April 10, 2024, and DHCS expects to announce County BHA conditional awards in July 2024. Applicants will be notified by email of either a conditional award or any resubmission requirements, or that funding has been denied. AHP will schedule meetings with conditional awardees to discuss the contracting process, including development of the Statement of Work (SOW) and payment schedule. The contracting process may entail either a modification to an existing BHBH Program contract or a new contract with AHP. All applicants must sign the contract or contract modification for final execution/approval within 60 days of receipt. The final agreement must be signed, returned, and fully executed with AHP before funding will be made available.

See Section IV (Program Description, pages 4-8) of the RFA for more information about the application process and timeline.

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