What are the options for Tribal entities that want to lease to own? (7/7/23)

Subtopic: Budget/Allowable Use  

The primary focus of the BHBH Program is to help people experiencing homelessness who have either SMI or SUD that prevents them from accessing help and transitioning out of homelessness. The RFA does note that grantees will be allowed to have either leased or owned property, with the goal of providing bridge housing on a faster timeline. It is important to note that all leasing costs must be reasonable and appropriate for the area in which they are located, and all BHBH Program funds must be expended by June 30, 2027. Property purchases are treated as part of start-up infrastructure, are limited to $75,000 per bed, and must be operational in one year. These requirements may impact the ability of a Tribal entity to operate a lease-to-own strategy. 

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