What information should I provide to help DHCS determine whether my organization is eligible to apply for BHBH Program funding? (7/19/23)

Subtopic: Application Process

Provide DHCS with a description of your organization, where you are located, whom you serve, the Tribal representation of your board of directors (if applicable), a link to your website (if applicable), and your understanding of how you meet the eligibility criteria below (from the RFA):

Only Tribal entities within the state of California are eligible to apply for this round of BHBH Program funding. California “Tribal entities” are defined as a federally recognized Indian Tribe, tribal organization, or Urban Indian organization, or a health care program operated by an Indian Tribe, a tribal organization, or Urban Indian organization, as defined in Section 1603 of Title 25 of the United States Code and further defined in Section 5304.

Other eligible applicants can include organizations that do not meet the above definition of eligibility (such as Tribally Designated Housing Entities [TDHEs], nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporations, or for-profit businesses) that have written support from an eligible tribal entity for a proposed BHBH program benefitting a tribal community. Written support may be in the form of a tribal or board resolution, memorandum, or other legally binding agreement.

Organizations that are unsure if they are eligible for this round of funding should submit a written explanation to the BHBH Program Help Desk of their understanding of how they meet the eligibility criteria so that assistance can be provided. Please note, preference for these funds will be given to federally recognized Tribes.

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