What information should I provide to help DHCS determine whether my organization is eligible to apply for BHBH Program funding? (7/19/23)

Subtopic: Application Process

Provide DHCS with a description of your organization, where you are located, whom you serve, the Tribal representation of your board of directors (if applicable), a link to your website (if applicable), and your understanding of how you meet the eligibility criteria below (from the RFA):

Only Tribal entities within the state of California are eligible to apply for this round of BHBH Program funding. California “Tribal entities” are defined as a federally recognized Indian Tribe, tribal organization, or Urban Indian organization, or a health care program operated by an Indian Tribe, a tribal organization, or Urban Indian organization, as defined in Section 1603 of Title 25 of the United States Code and further defined in Section 5304.

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