What is a service encounter? (2/14/2024)

Service encounters are counted for Outreach and Housing Navigation and related back to the Program Plan Part 2. A service encounter occurs every time a BHBH participant interacts with a representative of the BHBH program and receives a specific service. Service encounters require direct contact; they will typically be in person but could be provided through telephone or online support. More than one service may be provided within an individual encounter – For example, if a Housing Navigator meets with a participant and completes an application for a housing voucher, discusses priorities in housing, and provides a referral for assistance to clear up an old eviction this would be one service encounter. If two people deliver separate services to a participant – this may be counted as two service encounters. If in the morning an outreach worker talks with someone about bridge housing options at a soup kitchen and later in the day provides a care package for the person’s dog and the address of a BHBH program, that also could be considered two service encounters.

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