What is the priority population for the BHBH Program?

Subtopic: Program Requirements

Please see RFA pages 4-5 for information about priority populations and Attachment B for definitions of “serious behavioral health condition” and “homeless.” Applicants must also demonstrate how they will use BHBH funds to reach historically underserved communities.

In addition, with the passage of SB 1338 (Umberg, Chapter 319, Statutes of 2022), which established the CARE Program, Section 5982(b) of the Welfare and Institutions Code stipulates that CARE Program participants be prioritized for any appropriate bridge housing funded by the BHBH Program.

County BHAs should provide BHBH Program bridge housing and services throughout the county, including in rural areas, to enable people to remain in their communities.

Applicants that propose to serve any of the following populations may receive specific consideration:

  • Individuals at risk of being in or exiting the criminal justice system.
  • Children and youth involved with either the juvenile justice system or the child welfare system.
  • Individuals with a primary diagnosis of SUD.
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