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This library contains documents that may be useful to counties and/or Tribal entities as they design and implement behavioral health bridge housing. The search function allows you to search by keyword and resource type. Although BHBH staff has reviewed all resources for relevance to behavioral health bridge housing and to categorize them by topic, please note that external links and resources may not fully reflect the views of DHCS or AHP.

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Recovery Housing Program Models

Provides a general overview of recovery housing for individuals with substance use disorder, who it serves, and its guiding principles. Explains two models established by the National Association of Recovery Residences and Oxford House.

Leading with Kindness in Encampment Resolution

Short guidance on how communities can address unsheltered people living in encampments according to principles established by the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. Among the topics discussed are engaging encampment residents, providing access to housing or shelter, and using a trauma-informed approach.

Emerging Practices to Enhance Safety at Congregate Shelter

Four-part guide to improving safety at congregate shelters in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Offers guidance on low barrier environments, trauma-informed approaches, shared agreements aimed at building community, and rules and procedures that reduce harm exposure for all. The four volumes cover operational and administrative rules, physical spaces, staff training, and building trust.

Serving Unsheltered People with Severe Service Needs

Explains the concepts of vulnerability and acuity and suggests methods to better serve unsheltered individuals with serious mental illness, substance use disorder, diabetes, heart disease, infectious diseases, and other conditions.